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Condensate Return Systems

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Alyan provides a custom pump system with integrated, user friendly reliable controls

  • On-Site Services
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  • Completely Engineered Product

2D and 3D CAD Drawings

  • Alyan Pump uses the latest in 2D and 3D CAD software.
  • Condensate Return Systems are utilized to collect condensate in piping systems and pump it back to the mechanical room for re-use in the boiler. Typically, condensate return units will pump back to a boiler feed unit with make-up water provisions, which in turn supplies water on boiler demand.

Typical Application

  • Churches
  • Buildings
  • Stadiums
  • Schools
  • Airports

Alyan Pump offers a variety of Condensate Return Systems


  • Series CVC – simplex or duplex pumps flange-mounted on rectangular cast iron or steel receivers from 15 gallon to 200 gallon capacity. May be furnished with pump isolation valves, gauge glass assembly, thermometer, and control panel with various features.
  • Standard systems are available with 3500 or 1750 RPM ODP or TEFC motors, with pumps to provide up to 60 PSI discharge pressure, and with pump and receiver capacities to handle up to 100,000 EDR ratings. Special configurations are also available.
  • Series CHC – allows for larger capacity condensate storage by utilizing a cylindrical steel receiver from 70 to 1000 gallon volume (larger sizes can also be furnished as a “Custom” unit). Pumps may be mounted on the end of the receiver, under the receiver, or on a separate pump skid to be piped to the receiver.
  • Series CUG – Underground condensate units utilize a cast iron, steel or high temperature fiberglass basin and a column sump pump designed for handling hot condensate. This allows for below grade inlet lines where required.
  • Series VCVC – Special vacuum condensate units utilize a special “hurling tank” with air pumps and eductors to create a vacuum to pull condensate through piping.
  • Series CCU – Custom Condensate Units can be any arrangement of special pumps, alternate materials, or specialized controls which are significantly different from our standard catalog systems.
  • UL listed panels.
    • Built to UL specifications ensuring the highest quality standards are met.