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Condensate Return Systems

Condensate Return Systems are utilized to collect condensate in piping systems and pump it back to the mechanical room for re-use in the boiler. Typically, condensate return units will pump back to a boiler feed unit with make-up water provisions, which in turn supplies water on boiler demand.

Alyan Pump offers a variety of Condensate Return Systems:

Series CVC – simplex or duplex pumps flange-mounted on rectangular cast iron or steel receivers from 15 gallon to 200 gallon capacity. May be furnished with pump isolation valves, gauge glass assembly, thermometer, and control panel with various features.

Standard systems are available with 3500 or 1750 RPM ODP or TEFC motors, with pumps to provide up to 60 PSI discharge pressure, and with pump and receiver capacities to handle up to 100,000 EDR ratings. Special configurations are also available.

Series CHC – allows for larger capacity condensate storage by utilizing a cylindrical steel receiver from 70 to 1000 gallon volume (larger sizes can also be furnished as a “Custom” unit). Pumps may be mounted on the end of the receiver, under the receiver, or on a separate pump skid to be piped to the receiver.

Series CUG – Underground condensate units utilize a cast iron, steel or high temperature fiberglass basin and a column sump pump designed for handling hot condensate. This allows for below grade inlet lines where required.

Series VCVC – Special vacuum condensate units utilize a special “hurling tank” with air pumps and eductors to create a vacuum to pull condensate through piping.

Series CCU – Custom Condensate Units can be any arrangement of special pumps, alternate materials, or specialized controls which are significantly different from our standard catalog systems.

Boiler Feed Systems

BOILER FEED units typically receive spent condensate, either directly for the system or from condensate return units located throughout the facility, and deliver the condensate on demand from the boiler(s) which the boiler feed unit is feeding. Boiler feed units also have provision to supply make-up water in the event the rate of condensate return is not sufficient to keep up with the rate of evaporation in the boiler(s).

Alyan Pump specializes in economical boiler feedwater systems. With units ranging from 50 to 1,000 gallons sized with Simplex, Duplex and Triplex pump configurations for low-pressure or high-pressure steam systems.

ALYAN PUMP Boiler Feed Systems are available the following configurations:

ALYAN PUMP Series CVC systems are available in simplex or duplex packages with cast iron, steel or stainless steel receivers, with float switches or mechanical alternator.

ALYAN PUMP offers a variety of boiler feed systems:

Series BFC – with cylindrical receiver mounted over the pumps. Standard steel receivers are available from 70 through 1000 gallon capacity to service systems rated for up to 1000 installed Boiler HP. A variety of configurations and accessories are available.

Series BFC-EM – The “End Mount” boiler feed configuration of the BFC has vertical pumps flange-mounted on the end of the receiver, and can be utilized for simplex or duplex systems which do not require the additional head height of the BFC. By eliminating the base and pedestal of the BFC unit, the same volume capacities can be handled at a reduced first-time and installation cost.

Series BFV – also utilizes vertical flange-mounted pumps, but connects them to the receiver along the side through welded manifolds. This configuration allows for more pumps to be utilized.

Series BFVC – Standard boiler feed unit used in conjunction with a Vacuum unit consisting of hurling tank, air pumps, eductors, and vacuum controls.

Series GBF – “Guard” boiler feed unit with simplex or duplex vertical pump(s) mounted to a cylindrical vertical 50 or 100 gallon steel receiver for a compact, low-cost unit.

Series CBF – Custom Boiler Feed units are specifically designed to meet the requirements of a specific application which can not be met by standard catalog configurations.

Both the Boiler Feed and the Condensate Return systems are offered in a “VC” Series, which includes the addition of air pumps, vacuum inducers, a separate hurling tank, and accessories to draw condensate back through the return piping instead of using gravity-feed return discharge piping manifold, and mounted and wired control panel.

Fuel Oil Modules

Alyan Pump Series FOM (Fuel Oil Module) packages are designed specifically for fuel oil transfer or burner feed services. The typical package incorporates duplex internal rotary gear pumps, duplex basket strainer, discharge check and external relief valves for each pump, steel base, gauges, and control panel.

A variety of options can be supplied including “Failsafe” back-up pump auto-start controls, special construction, alarms, shutdowns, or drip basin. In addition, units can be supplied with electric or steam heater modules, or enclosed modules for outdoor installation. Custom units can also be designed and manufactured to meet your requirements


Heat Transfer Packages

Alyan Pump offers a complete range of pre-packaged Heat Transfer Modules (HTM), generally used to convert “waste” steam or hot water to heat a process fluid. HTM modules generally consist of a shell & tube heat exchanger, expansion tank, air separator, simplex or duplex pumps with triple duty valves, water make-up assembly, and accessories such a thermometers and gauges. Steam control piping with temperature regulating valves and steam trap assemblies on the condensate outlet of the heat exchanger are popular options.

Custom units with multiple heat exchangers, zone control steam valve arrangements, control panels, and special configurations are also available.


Constant Pressure Booster Systems

Alyan Pump offers a complete range of domestic water booster packages:

Simplex, Duplex, or Triplex

Constant Speed or Variable Speed

Continuous Run or No-Flow Shut-down

with or without Hydro-pneumatic / Expansion Tanks

Standard packages offered are:

    • Simplex Variable Speed Pressure-Pac (VSPP)
    • Duplex Variable Speed Pressure-Master (VSPM)
    • Duplex EconoMaster with VFD lead & PRV lag (EM)
    • Simplex, Duplex or Triplex CopperHead constant speed PRV systems (CH)
    • Simplex Pressure-Pac or Duplex Pressure-Master constant speed check valve systems (PP & PM)

All systems are offered with a variety of construction, control, and electrical options to provide the greatest flexibility in meeting your specific requirements. Of course, ALYAN PUMP is also your choice for the design and manufacture of CUSTOM SYSTEMS if required.


Circulating Pump Sets

Alyan Pump offers a compete range of circulator pumpsets for condenser, cooling tower, chilled water and primary/secondary zone pumping applications.


Variable Speed Packages

Alyan Pump offers a complete range of packages which utilize Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) technology to adjust the motor speed to meet the actual system demand at any given time.

This allows for not only a tremendous operating savings over the life of the equipment, but also simplifies the installation and start-up of the systems.

Drive technology has advanced to the extent that the units are smaller, more reliable, and less expense than similar units only a few years ago. With the features of a VFD system, it is often possible to purchase a complete system for LESS than a comparably-equipped constant speed package.


Column & Submersible Sump, Sewage & Grinder Packages

Alyan Pump offers a complete range of column and submersible pumps for sump, dewatering, effluent, and sewage applications. Pump types include:

o        Column Sump

o        Column Sewage

o        Submersible Sump

o        Submersible De-watering

o        Submersible Effluent

o        Submersible Sewage

o        Submersible Vortex

o        Submersible Grinder

Complete component packages including pumps, motors, basins, covers, floats, controls, and control panels can be furnished

Custom Packages

Alyan Pump can design and / or manufacture custom pumping units for virtually any application.

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